Richard Middleton

Writer || Boxing Coach || Level 2 Gym Instructor || Mental Health

Hello! My name is Rich, welcome to my website. 

Boxing has been a fixture in my life for the majority of my adult years. Nobody in the family was really into it so I guess it chose me. 

I started boxing to lose some weight and become active again. One thing led to another and I gradually convinced myself to get in the ring. The white collar route was where I got started, but I've spent plenty of time in amateur boxing gyms and finished up competing in the semi-pro Queensbury Boxing League. 

A bi-product of boxing was discovering that it helped me manage my mind better. It has been my escape at times, working well as a distraction, and always an anchor.

Writing is another way that I express myself. In fact I started my professional career as a writer, and despite moving away from journalism as my primary means of making a living it's evident that I can't leave it alone. 

I'm also passionate about helping people and have discovered a passion for coaching and teaching. I love the energy that comes from working with people and seeing them develop. 

I'm interested in how physical training can be combined with other more traditional techniques to manage mental health. It helps that my primary job sees me working in mental health too.   

My website is a place for me to explore these passions and subjects. 

If you enjoy my content then please do leave a comment, like and share. Or if you'd just like to get in touch then please do!